Method Forty Four: Running Circle Records

Hello and welcome to Method Forty Four. Our latest serving of mellow comes courtesy of Running Circle Records’ Tom Towle.

A visionary label, Running Circle have helped introduce artists like Yazmin Lacey, Daisy Godfrey and Kinkajous to the world. With the recent release of Kinkajous’ superbly spacey new single ‘Still (Drifts)’, label co-founder Tom steps up to deliver a cinematic mix of mellow goodness.

Here’s what he had to say about the selections: "I had a lot of fun putting it together. Track selections loosely follow the theme of Still (Drifts), but it's mostly music I love to mellow out to! There are some bits in there from friends of the label, Son of Phillip and Gary Reader, plus a new track from Moonfish [Maria from Kinkajous on keys]."

So, when the time feels right, find a comfortable position and press play.

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