Method Thirty Three: Mellow HQ (The Mellowship Mix)

Hello and welcome to Method Thirty Three. This week features a special mix from Methods of Mellow HQ, as we celebrate the release of our “Take a Trip on the Mellowship” T-Shirt.

With pre-orders online until this coming Monday, and tees shipping shortly after, it felt like a good time to take the reins with some selections of our own.

Find a comfortable position and press play. As you hear the music play, picture yourself on a deeply relaxing journey through the galaxy. You join us on-board our good friend The Mellowship, the air quality is good and those panoramic views are second to none. Buckle up and push recline friends, it’s smooth sailing up here.

During your flight you may wish to invest in our frequent flyers club with the purchase of your very own T-Shirt (as pictured).

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