Method Twenty Seven: Deep C

For Method Twenty Seven in our journey through mellowness we’re very happy to welcome Deep C. Through his mixes, Deep C takes listeners on musical trips across the globe, his regular deep-dives into genres and themes take their cues from his work as a journalist and presenter.

Alongside his mix, Deep C shared these words:

There is a rich and beautiful seam that runs through so much Black music, centred on the notion that better days lie ahead. This music, found right across the Black world, from the continent to the islands and beyond, has been an invaluable source of personal healing throughout my life, and particularly at those moments when my head has spun or my heart has sunk. I am forever grateful for the grace, soul, and spirit in these songs and for this opportunity to share their power with mellow-heads everywhere. One love!

Once you’re sitting comfortably, hit play and enjoy the ride.

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