Method Nineteen: Keane

Welcome to Method Nineteen in our series. For this installment, London-based DJ Keane presents a meditation upon Black Music, celebrating its wide-reaching impact upon us all.

Given the fight against racism currently happening across the US and the wider world, Keane felt this was an important issue to explore and we completely agree.

Some words from Keane on the mix:

“After being asked to record a mix for the Methods of Mellow crew a few weeks back, I started to curate a bunch of my most calm and soothing records. Today as we stand in solidarity demanding justice for George Floyd and oppose systemic racism it only felt right to scrap the original plan and instead put something more thoughtful together.

My intention with this mix is not to meditate anger, frustration or any other inclinations we currently have away, but to help us reflect and channel them in the best way possible whilst supporting Black Music. Through the process I was able to deepen my gratitude for and emotional investment in Black music, I hope that anyone who listens to it is able to do the same.”

Begin by finding somewhere comfortable, hit play and mellow out. Then get up and act.  

Keane has pledged twice what he spent on new music for this mix with a donation to the Progressives Everywhere bail fund. We’ve also matched this donation.

If you’re able to donate to this cause, you can do so here.

The artwork for this mix is taken from Gigi's Illuminated Audio LP, which features in the tracklist.

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